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Help from within Slack

After installing PokerBot, you can trigger pokerbot help in slack by typing /deal help.


What can I target to collect votes?

You can target the following (and any combination of them):

  • User(s), e.g. /deal @john [issue]
  • Team(s), e.g. /deal @pythondevs [issue]
  • All users in the current channel, i.e. /deal @channel [issue]
  • The active users in the current channel, i.e. /deal @here [issue]
How do I change the options?

You can change the options by typing /deal config options [options], where [options] is a comma separated list of options. E.g. /deal config options 1,2,3,:banana:.

Why are you requesting so many permissions for this Slack plugin?

In order for PokerBot to be usable from any channel, a basic number of permissions is needed. On top of this, to add @channel and @here functionality, we need to get info on the channel and user presence.

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